4 days overdue.

i don't know how many readers i actually have, who care even. but ashton is still not here! i keep having braxton hicks. i wish they were real contractions. today is my appointment/sonogram. doctor wants to check my fluids and make sure the baby is okay. if all goes well i won't be induced until the 16th. that's right, 16 days past my due date. nuts i know. my choice. my doctor wanted to schedule for me to be induced today at my last appointment but i declined. anyway, we will see what happens. i hate internals. i reallllllly do. for one they never mean anything. i have been 60-70% effaced for three weeks now. no dilation. i know i could go at any minute. however, i almost want to beg her not to do one today. i don't think i could bear hearing the same, "hate to say this, but no new progress" line one more time. david and i are starting to feel sad. we realize that his due date was just an estimate but it's so aggravating to keep hearing there is NO progress when i keep having contractions. well, fake contractions (braxtons) whatever. people tell you braxton hicks never hurt. mine always hurt! i am getting ripped off i think lol.

i just wanted to update my progress (or lack of) in case anyone is reading my blog and figured since i haven't updated i must have had him or something. i will update here in this post later today after my appointment.

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  1. I read!!! I am from North Texas as well, hoping that you deliver soon!