Happy Groundhog Day!

six more weeks of winter! booooooo!

on the plus side i forgot to mention yesterday that i am now driving again. whoot! i am no longer confound to my apartment. oh wait, yeah i am. it's called breastfeeding. duh. hahahaha. i know i am only (almost) 4 weeks into this whole breastfeeding business, but when is it going to get easy enough to go out into public?! oh well, someday it will be a distant memory and i will be thinking to myself what the big rush was anyway.

ashton must be getting used to the "4th trimester". i placed him in his swing wide awake and turned it on for the first time in over a week. he sat there cooing to himself for an entire 30mins before he finally had enough (re: threw a  hissy fit). i then tried to place him in my mobywrap (the first time i actually feel like i wrapped it correctly) and he screamed the entire time. i figured out 10mins later he was sort of hungry haha so i am going to pretend he doesn't really hate it just yet. i plan to try it out later today. i'm hoping for the best.

i am going to take a minute to rant real quick about amazon. a few days ago i was browsing diaper depots (diaper caddies for changing tables) on after weeks of thinking we could just change ashton on the floor we quickly realized it wasn't as great as we had thought (it's easy to leave everything out on the floor and since space is valued around here it just wasn't working out) so we converted our dresser into a changing area. my homemade diaper caddy doesn't fit so i was browsing at what my options were. somehow, and i don't know how, i accidentally clicked this button called, "buy it now with one click", or something to that effect. i don't remember clicking it. i don't even remember seeing it on the page at the time (it's right underneath the add to cart button). i ended up not wanting any of the diaper depots and left it at that. about 5 hours later i get an email letting me know they (amazon) processed my order. (!!!!!!). confused, i went to and noticed that they were sending me one of those diaper depots. i also noticed they charged $18 for shipping. ($18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). i immediately called to cancel the order since i had never placed it in the first place. that's when the rude customer service lady told me i couldn't cancel it because it had already been processed. even though I HAD NO IDEA i clicked this so called "buy it now with one click" button, i was still liable for the purchase. however, she did say i could return the item when i receive it minus the $18 shipping (i would of course have to pay for return shipping). the diaper depot is $14!!!! what is the point of returning it?! ugh. i am aggravated. all you have to do is click this button once and you purchased something. you don't get any options as to which shipping you want. nothing. no confirmation. nada. zilch. i am also ranting here to let any amazon shoppers know about this button so it will never happen to you. you can disable this button by going into your account. i was also upset that i was never given an option to enable the button. the customer service lady told me it was standard to have it automatically enabled the day you purchase your first item (and save your info etc). anyway, my diaper depot is supposed to arrive today (yay. not!). it better fit and be super awesome. i will always look at it and feel stupid for spending so much on something i didn't even want! /rant over.

:o) now that is off my chest. i think ashton is starting to get gas pains. ::inserts super sad face here:: it could be the fact i drink a lot of milk or he is sucking in a lot of air during his feedings (i use a nipple shield). i have read about other mothers who have had to eliminate foods from their diets because their babies were getting reflux and/or gas. i am not sure i could live without diary. i will if i have to but i really hope it's not the case. i did eat several coconut ice cream bars in the last few days. maybe it was just too much?! i am going to lay off the ice cream for awhile. i need to eat more fruits and veggies anyway. it's just so hard getting food/snacks together while being so sleep deprived. 

also, i sure wish this growth spurt would finally end. my poor mammary glands are working over time and i feel like i could pass out from being so sleep deprived. :o(

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