ashton with his greatgrandmom

well, we finished laying tile. it looks awesome. i love the tile we picked out. we started laying down our wood floor yesterday (it looks equally as awesome). david and i can't wait until we are finally able to move in. we even hooked up the fridge last night. rest of the appliances should be going in today or tomorrow. the one i am the most excited about is our washer! i have put off laundry for the last few weeks. ashton is wearing clothes that he hasn't even grown into yet! lol. i just don't see the point in paying for my laundry to get wet and not clean anymore. we should have internet at the house by wednesday and i switched over our mail. i can't believe this is finally happening! 

i am grateful that david's dad has helped us. david and i went in thinking this would be an easy project. it's been far from easy and we would have not be able to complete it on our own! our house looks as good as it does because of david's dad. i'm not looking forward to the move. we have so much stuff. i almost want to say we have more than enough and even though our new place is much much larger (by 1100 sqft) i will still have to find things to get rid of. i hate clutter. it only makes my life miserable. 

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  1. wow Ashton is getting sooo big! he is soo darn cute too. i am so excited about you finally moving in!