progression pictures.

i had enough questions of when i was going to finally post progression pictures. so here you have it. in slide show form. i am too lazy and tired to post them one by one here on my blog. enjoy! we **finally** finished painting last night. tile started going down today. i hope we get to move in this weekend. internet/phone/cable is supposed to be hooked up on april 1st. i still need to get our mail switched over. sand and refinish several pieces of furniture. 


  1. schatz , i love the italian ice color for ashton, the house will be awsome.
    love all of you,mom

  2. wow! you weren't kidding! yall have done so much already! it is going to be soooo beautiful! i love Ashton's room color too!

  3. Wow you are on a roll. I love the appliances and I truly love having a pantry isnt it the best. I cant wait to see the finished seems never ending but you will get there. I will soon be heading into that type of project very soon but hopefully we can get it done before our baby arrives.