feeling like a bad mother already.

my poor sweet boy.

1/365 :: the beginning

gosh. ashton puts up with so much. he really does. today was his 2 month well check. i went in thinking he had cradle cap and baby acne and came out knowing he has eczema. not a big deal really. but after reading the symptoms it makes sense. ashton sleeps pretty well. though, often he squirms with his eyes shut and acts as if he is super uncomfortable (he doesn't make any noises). now i know why. he was itchy. can you imagine having an itch and not being able to scratch it yourself? how miserable for him! all this time! :o( i know it's not my fault and i can't blame myself . i can't help but feel like i should have known something was not right when he acted uncomfortable. 


pedi gave us some Rx hydrocortisone cream with some instructions on how to keep it under control. i have to put lotion on him three times a day plus the cream if there is a flare up. poor kid. it could be worse. but i still feel badly for him. 

his umbilical cord is still attached to his budah belly. the  nurse asked me if i had any concerns or questions. when i told her i twas still attached she looked at me as if i was joking. lol. pedi put some silver nitrate on it and told me if it hasn't fallen off in a week to come back in for another silver nitrate treatment. i really hope it falls off before then. stubborn thing will NOT COME OFF!

ashton is a little chub for sure. weighing in at 13lbs and 3ounces and measuring 24inches long. he went from being in the 50th percentile to the 90th! other than above, everything is perfect just like it should be.


  1. Love the photos! What are your favorite actions in Photoshop (are they all from mcp)? You always get great b/w's! :)

  2. i prefer sesameellis b&w's but MCP has some great b&w's too. all pictures are edited with both. i start off with sesameellis. usually, midtone bump, just a tiny kick, simple smoothing and maybe some deepening. then i go over to mcp and use her color booster actions and magic eye (btw sesame makes a good eye action as well that i love) and usually finish it off with a bit of MCP finger paint or one of the defoggers. it really depends on the picture and the mood i am going for.