i haven't updated in a week. shock i know. truth is. i am reallllly sleep deprived despite the fact ashton sleeps really well. we learned that his "fussy" period was actually a put me down for sleep period and we have been trying to figure out how early and how late we are able to put him to bed without complications. lucky for us he can go to bed at 7:30pm and "sleep" until his normal wake up time at 8am (which is unlucky for me because i am not a morning person. just ask my mother).he isn't sleeping through the night yet. but he will wake up, nurse, and go RIGHT back to sleep. so, how am i sleep deprived? i go to bed at midnight when i should be going to bed when ashton does. ::le sigh:: i will get the hang of it somehow. 

we were supposed to close on our house this friday! but the mortgage broker called us letting us know the title company is being slow at getting what they need to finalize it. ugh. i hope they get their act together. david had planned on ripping out the flooring in the house this weekend so we could install our new flooring (pergo and tile) sometime next week. ::double le sigh::

i haven't started packing. we have to pay two months of rent at our apartments. no rush in moving things over right away. besides i want to wait until our flooring is installed. i might start taking things i don't need or need to be stored in the attic before we move in. which has me worried because ashton is still a clingy little fella. how in the world am i to move with an 8week old attached to me? unfortunately, ashton is still not enjoying babywearing. of course we have only tried the moby and hotsling. moby.... well, i am going to be honest. sucks! i know there are a lot of lovers of the moby and i understand why. but for me, it's just too cumbersome. ashton doesn't like to be snuggled tightly. he hates it! the moby does just that. it literally squishes him up against me which makes him root for milk. doesn't matter if he JUST ate  (and not hungry) he will still do it. then he gets frustrated and starts crying ::triple le sigh:: you see where i am going with this? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! it's 18feet of FABRIC! i have tried nursing him with it on but it's just a messy disaster. so i have to unwrap 18feet of fabric while still holding on to ashton to nurse him and then (somehow) re-wrap 18feet of fabric and put him back in. it's TIME consuming. so why keep it if i am only going to whine about it? i am hoping that someday ashton will learn to love it/and/or stop rooting for food all.the.time. i really love the forward facing position. i think ashton would love it once he knows how to hold is head up really well. ashton does have some "good" days in the wrap where he falls asleep for hours but they are far and few. 

hotsling. made me feel fat. i'm not even going to get into the hotsling issue. just take my word and don't buy a sling until AFTER you have had your baby!

i haven't tried my mei tai just yet. it came in the mail a few days ago and ashton was so flustered by the moby (pictured below: i had to wear it down to the office ot pick up my babyhawk) and hungry that i figured i would try it a different day. maybe today i will find a reason or ashton will give me a reason to try it out. we shall see. ::crosses fingers:: 

i haven't updated with pictures in awhile. which i know bothers my mom! lol. i am itching for some new actions from MCP. omgosh her stuff is awe-some! i really really really really want her blog it board actions! it's been tough convincing david i need them because i don't really need them and he knows it. but, i find it highly unfair he gets a new kegerator while i get nadda. okay so i am over exaggerating. i am trying to find a good reason why i deserve them and frankly i have none. unless you count breastfeeding for two months.. oooh yeah! whoot. let me just say, i love breastfeeding. a lot. i didn't in the beginning but it's true what they say. hold out and it will get better and it DID! way better!

i was going through ashtons official birthday pictures. man. he has changed so much. i already miss how tiny he was!  someday i will share that day with people. but for now i will share only one picture. as most of you know, ashton was born frank breech. frank breech babies have funny legs when they are first born. this picture cracks me up!

seconds old.

look at his toes.. hahahaha. omgosh LOL!

no love for the moby

ashton, crying in the moby wrap :o(


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