computer **still** not fixed

i'm scared to even attempt to fix the computer right now. i'm too busy trying to get settled into our new house. it's hard! everything has to find a new home and i am very OCD when it comes to organizing things.  for example, i have been in my kitchen alllllll day trying to get it allllll organized and alllllll cleaned, and now its midnight and guess what!?! i still have lots to do in my kitchen lmao. argh. the place is in complete shambles and when i even attempt to think of what needs to get/be done i get a headache and feel extremely tired. we officially moved out of our apartment (gave back our keys) this last week. thanks to my mom and mike for helping us move all of it over to the house. we unloaded it all in the garage. so the garage is a nightmare right now. we still have a (filled to the brim) storage unit to empty out by next weekend (david refused to pay another month). ::sigh:: i wish i was samantha in 'bewitched'. snap my fingers and it all be done. but life doesn't work like that now does it? i can't wait for my mom's visit next month! i hope the house will be finished by then so we are able to enjoy each other a bit more than we were able to this last week. 

since i am unable to edit or upload any new pictures until my computer is fixed, i will share one i uploaded to flickr and never shared here:

6/365 :: skipped day 5

taken a few days after we closed on the house at the house (notice the icky carpet)


  1. How did you make your layout wider? So that your pictures are not cut off?

  2. haley- i think i just messed around with the edit HTML option bit. where it says header/width etc. i played around with the numbers to figure out which part was which then i just upped the number a few hundred pixels (complicated sounding i know). i wish i could remember which parts i changed :o/