photography hate

well, my plane didn't crash (if you haven't figured it out yet. i have aerophobia). we had a blast and couldn't have asked for a better time. my only complaint (besides the heat and the crowds) was that i did not take as many pictures as i had hoped for.

it's kind of funny really, because i was just talking to my good friend mandy who said she had been feeling pretty crappy with her photographs (although i think her pictures have been reallllly good.)... but that's how i have been feeling about my pictures. i don't know how to explain it very well. point is. if i haven't posted pictures on here lately it's because i feel like they're NOT good enough to share. i don't sit ashton down to take pictures of him anymore. it bothers me to no end. he's almost 7 months and i have missed SO MANY candid moments i could (should) have captured.

maybe it's all the stress and heat and crowds that caused me to flake out. i am way behind in my normal life (doctor appointments, house work etc). who knows. i don't know why i even bothered blogging about it. i know i am not alone. maybe it's just a normal phase any photographer goes through. anywhooo, i am going to make it a point to start picking up my camera and capturing life.


  1. oh sweety I think everyone has been at this point at some point. I know I have been when I was trying to hard to get in a professional shot everytime I picked up my camera that I forgot what taking pictures meant most to me... Which was to just capture that happy funny memory that was going on in those moments. I missed so many things because my camera gear wasn't that great that I finally realized that no matter what the pictures look like that I will still always have those pictures to show my child in the future which is what had always mattered most to me to begin with. I hope things get better soon. If it makes you feel better I have always thought your pics were awesome even when you did not. Luv yah!!!!

  2. Well, I feel just like you do about photographing Wes, and your photos are a MILLION times better than mine, so go figure!

    And it's just really hard to take photographs when you're on vacation, on the go, etc.

    I'm sure Ashton will surely thank you one day for all the gorgeous photos you DID take.

  3. I totally hear you with the photography thing. My photos are still crap compared to yours, lol, but I was too busy trying to get the "pefect" portrait and missed out on capturing some little things through snapshots because I'd get too upset if it wasn't crisp, in focus, and well, perfect. I have had a small talk with myself and have begun to accept my snapshots and to take more. Also lately too I've been in a rut and ALL I have is snapshots, I am capable of a good photo but some reason lately..I just can't do it and it sometimes discourages me from taken any pictures at all because I get annoyed I can't take a good picture because I want so bad to be good at it. Hard to explain but I'm sure most photgraphers (pro and aspiring) can relate. As for my blog, I upload bad photos all the time, but my blogs are more for "memories", I just put my best on flickr.