a sneak peek.

can you believe we have lived in this house for almost 5 months and haven't even completed ashton's room? this weekend we decided to try to finish it or do something with it now that ashton is about to crawl and play with his toys. for months i agonized what i was going to do with it. what our theme would be etc. when i walked into his room this morning david hung up the mobile we got for him in germany and i knew right then what i wanted to do. i hope to get it finished sometime this week. for now here is a quick sneak peek.

only a 5 month project...
early sunday morning. somehow i got the wrong bookshelf. david still wants to keep it but we need to head back today and get the right one.

color inspiration
my color inspiration. i am very color phobic. meaning i love white. i didn't want that for ashton's room.

"let me outta here!"
"let me outta here!"

oh man...
"no, seriously, let me outta here"... it's hard to say no to that face.


  1. omg Schatz, that is HILARIOUS, definately one for the books.

    love you all

  2. his little face cracks me up! he's like where is my big bed with Mommy and Daddy in it?

    i can't wait to see it finished. i love his crib already!

  3. Your love for white always comes through in your photos, but the color addition is lovely, too.

  4. Hi I'm Liz,
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    Warm wishes,