well, back to IKEA.

well, back to IKEA.

just last weekend i told you how we got the wrong bookhself from IKEA. david didn't want to return it (since that meant he would have to take it apart. and anyone who owns IKEA furniture knows how much of a hassle it is). we planned on going back the next day, but figured there was no big rush and just go this weekend for the original bookshelf. this time around we decided on two different ones. i double checked the numbers on the box to make sure we got the correct shelf(s). no way was i going to relive last weekend. we get home. open the box and can you believe it, one is white, the other is brown (the wrong color!). GAH.

it wouldn't be such a big deal if IKEA wasn't almost an hour away. let's hope we get it right THIS time around! i am going to OPEN the darn box at the store and make sure it's the RIGHT one. david made me swear we wouldn't walk around the showroom AGAIN lol. straight to the warehouse.

ikea warehouse
the warehouse is so massive! this is one aisle out of like 30.
wait... ashton.... what are you doing?! (zooms in closer)

a good way to build his immune system
DOUBLE GAH! i won't forget the shopping cart cover either!

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  1. i did the same exact thing...twice!!! my ikea is an hour away too. i feel your frustration! learned my lesson though!