babies are smart yo'

"ashton, NO!"

i have a feeling ashton is going to be a handful when he starts walking. david wanted the house to smell like fall so we bought some of those oil plug ins. ashton didn't see me put them in, so i was rather shocked that he noticed it almost immediately when placed on the floor.

"noooooooooo" ::shakes head no::

i had to move him several (20?) times, 15 of those ended in a meltdown with him crawling right back over to it. wash and repeat. seriously though, i am amazed how smart babies are.


right now i am trying to teach him what "no" means. he just gives me this look and continues doing whatever he wants with a smirk on his face. at least he looks at me as if he knows he's not supposed to be doing it. haha.


  1. oh and he of course is SUPER cute while ignoring you...must be hard to not smile while saying "NO"