fussy baby + sick mommy = hardest job ever.

the fussy little explorer

maybe he's fussy because he's teething, or maybe he's fussy because he has what i have and feels like poo! that's my guess anyway. i haven't been updating my blog as much as i would like since i've been so busy with ebay (junk = cash = ashton's toys) and being sick and all.

<"come closer please"

doesn't matter how ashton feels, nothing keeps him from exploring the house. still hasn't mastered being on all fours, but he's getting quicker and stronger pulling himself to places of interest. you never realize how dirty your floors are until they start crawling.. i vacuum and the next day he's going after dead flies (i wish i was kidding), string, paper, more string, furballs (not to be confused with nasty hairballs that cats gag up. they are more like dust bunnies made out of cat fur. still disgusting). i'm starting to think we need to vacuum twice a day around here. roomba would be a good investment. hmm, i think i know what i want for christmas now.

he's discovered the oven.
open and close.. open and close.. open and close..


  1. Oh my. We're already vacuuming up a storm. I can't even imagine!

    How do we get to you on ebay? Are you selling your bibs yet?

  2. give munchkin lots of schmooches from me, love you all,mom