just the beginning.

for christmas we are getting ashton a play kitchen. after browsing play food (wooden or fabric) i realized it's kinda expensive, so i looked into making my own.

felt fruit:

i made.Align Center

i made.

the apple and orange have slices inside them.

tasty pear

and i thought i was clever.
no felt fruit here. just a cute picture i took. he lovessss that rabbit! you pull his string and he plays a sweet song.


  1. That is a FABulous idea!!! nice work!

  2. LOVE the fruit! Especially the slices of orange and apple! Did you go by a pattern?

  3. I am always in AWE of your amazing talent. Ashton is lucky to have you as his mama.

  4. i envy your talent and creativity!!! did it take a long time? since it is expensive to could always make and sell on etsy!?!

  5. OMG Schatz, you are a amazing!
    How did all that talent skip over me lol.
    love you all so much

  6. These are amazing. I just wanted to let you know Target has in the dollar section/bins play fruit and vegetables. They are a dollar for a "package" and it has like 5 items inside. 5 fruits or 5 vegetables. They are plastic though. THey also have sets of bowls and plates too. Oh and a whisk and rolling pin. I hear the rolling pin is heavy and can be dangerous. I would totally buy these felt items from you if you sold on!

  7. i'm trying to avoid plastic since he still mouths everything lol. but thanks for the heads up. i can't make them to sell because the girl who sold me the patterns has a copyright on them. lol. btw i forgot to add who i got it from her name is buggabugs on etsy