first, i haven't updated in a while thanks to a cold i am fighting. i feel like POO. with that said, it snowed this morning! ashton was in awe of the fluffy wet stuff. i could not believe my eyes when i looked out our bedroom window and saw it.

what a wonderful surprise.



he loves to point and say "da". we think it means "look". since that is what we do.


david looks thrilled to be heading to work. lol


i love his reflection and expression.


i am not making it up. he was in love with the snow.


it was gone a few hours later.

i'm also entering into a gingerbread house competition at the german deli in grapevine. (this weekend). so far i have spent one entire night designing two houses (one for me, one for the competition. i will donate the house for charity after the judging). i couldn't purchase any patterns since i didn't have time to wait for it to arrive in the mail. instead and with some inspiration, i made the patterns myself. this royally messed me up. two pieces ended up backwards! i was able to save one piece but the other i will have to remake. then i realized i didn't even bake one of the roof sections and THEN by the time the icing was semi-set, i realized that i had one of the pieces upside down. i had to rip it out and redo it. such a freaking headache! lol. so far the house is not turning out the way i imagined it. if you plan on making a gingerbread house, you DO NOT need that much glue icing to hold the pieces together. i realized this after i made it that you don't need a lot.


one day designing, one day baking, and one day half assembled. terrific. at this rate i will be finished next year lol. tonight i have to bake the two pieces i need to finish this house and the next house (a different design. i'm channeling the hansel and gretel house). i hope to have them both done by saturday (the last day you can turn in the house). HOPEFULLY i will have it done on friday so i can share them here and you can tell me which one you think would win. lol. first prize is $250gift card so it's a pretty good prize lol. i doubt i will win anything but it's worth a shot. if anything despite the headaches it's still fun.

our holiday week was spent with my mom and mike. i love being around them. they are so much fun. they come down again in a week and we are all looking forward to it. this time i plan on checking in advance for any activities. here are some shots i was able to take during the thanksgiving holiday.


such a goof ball.

baby jail

breakfast by the fireplace

oh yeah. for a week we lived without a heater (we had a lot of fires). i almost froze to death while my mother kept saying the house was warm. we had our a/c unit up in the attic replaced this summer and apparently the installers didn't check to see if our wattage matched with fuse breakers or something. melted the wires and fuses. thankfully they came out yesterday and fixed it just in time before it snowed today.

happy thanksgiving!

thanksgiving day!

not so sure.

ashton meets santa at nordstroms on black friday (he also got a pair of new shoes!)

a walk with oma.

one of the many walks ashton enjoyed with oma and opa.

and some fun fake polaroids. (poladroid).


365 laziness..

whew. okay that was a nice break. now back to baking. :oD


  1. ok so can you tell me how you manage to design, bake and build a gingerbread house...while sick..and have an almost 11 month old? lol!

  2. you stay up very very late with benedryl, advil, and sudafed cocktail and a very sweet husband you beg to take care of the baby at night. lol. it's the only way i ever get anything done. which is probably why i haven't been feeling any better! but i have a deadline and i really want to get these houses done.

  3. lol...i can not wait to see the finished products!!! your creativeness/crafty-ness/talents always blow me away! good luck!!! and feel better!!!!