up in the mountains.

IMG_6605 copy

flying with ashton is a lot of work! i feel like i need a vacation when we land. he doesn't cry so much as wants to touch, kick, bang the seat in front of us. we were lucky this time around. the plane was half empty so no one was sitting in front of us and we had an extra seat, which didn't seem to make one bit of difference!


forward facing! back home we are keeping him rear facing for another year at least. i would love to go even longer but we will see. he is enjoying being forward facing for his vacation though.


we are up in keystone until tomorrow. that's when david flies back home and i am here by myself with ashton until next sunday (!!!!). i ended up getting really sick the first few days here. 101F fever. chills, aches. it was horrible. david went skiing without me on thursday. i just hung out with my mom and ashton. took him sledding for the first time. he loved it.


IMG_6758-2 copy


i finally felt better enough yesterday to hit the slopes. only for half a day but it was amazing as usual. it snowed the entire day. beautiful. i love it up here!


  1. Fun in the snow is THE BEST. I just love your pictures!

    I've nominated you for a blog award, check it out! :)

  2. Oh yes, traveling with little ones! Now you know why we haven't attempted to fly since before our two little guys were born! They are 3 and 20 months!

    Great pics! Gorgeous blog! I'm a new follower! Nice to meet you :-)