loving this warm weather!

my ebay helper.

yesterday i shipped off my old camera (canon rebel XTi) along with some other ebay items. i hope the camera's new owner loves it as much as i did (once upon a time). ashton thought he would help by crawling and standing on top of the boxes. thank goodness i had my camera near by. anytime he does something like this and i run to get my camera he stops whatever he is doing.

water table fun... outside.

then we went outside for some water table fun! although in this picture ashton doesn't seem to be very impressed with it, but i promise you it was a hit.

water table fun

see!! i told you!

then ashton told me a story...

little story teller

he's so expressive with his hands!


it was a gorgeous day. afterward i packed up my little bunny (complete with tail and david) and headed to the botanical gardens for an easter shoot. toddlers are really hard to photograph but i was able to muster up a few images that are worth sharing (will post in different post).

oh and i reserve the right to have a change of mind. i know i blogged about getting a 24-70L zoom lens. but i've been struggling with the fact it's f-stop is at 2.8 (i'm a bokeh addict) and some owners/users are implying that it's not worth the $800 more than what the tamron zoom lens cost. soooooo, i might just get the 35L. i rented it last fall (on my crop camera) and LOVED it! i need a wider angle that is good in low light (now that i got rid of my flash) that is capable of amazing bokeh and sharp sharp sharp. i don't think i can ever be a zoom girl. i think my heart is set on primes. i don't know. i'm not in a big huge rush really to get the lens. ok i lied. i am in a rush. i just don't know which to do. :o(

PS. i am having seller remorse selling my 50mm. :o(


  1. The 35L is an amazing lens. I do own and love it, but my main lens for photographing my son (and almost everything else portrait related) is my 50mm. Sorry :(

    The 35 really is great though. I definitely recommend it. My three main lenses are the 35 1.4, 50 1.4 and 85 1.2. I almost never shoot with zooms! and when I do it's the 70-200 2.8.

  2. i looooovved my 50mm 1.4.. someday i will buy it back. but i'm in need of something wide and the 35L is good to go. i could get the cheaper 35mm f/2.0 but from the reviews it sounds like it's really soft wide open till f/4. what bag do you carry around so you can switch lenses?