practice makes perfect.

i know i posted this a long time ago. but i promised i would share some pictures from my good friend tara's maternity session. if i could go back and do it all over i would have had the light (from the window) on her side and not from the front. the shadows would have showcased her cute belly bump. i was unaware there is a thing called flat light. but that's why you do these kind of practice shoots. to learn from your mistakes. lol. either way she enjoyed the pictures... plus it was free. i also wish we had more time to go out to the gardens so i could get more natural shots. but bless her heart (literally). this pregnancy hasn't been easy for her. she really really wanted some maternity shots with her in jeans and that's what we did. i can't wait for her baby boy to finally arrive so i can practice some more. i wasn't able to with ashton since at the time i lived in a tiny apartment with NO light. now i live in a big house with tons of light ha. figures. PS. if i did this over. i would have gone with seamless paper and not fleece. photoshoping out the wrinkles was a PITA. and even now looking at them i still missed some spots. ugh. i processed all images in lightroom then in CS3 for sharpening and to fix wrinkles. settings all over the place.















i've been busy around here (ebay, spring cleaning, chasing a very mobile toddler around. no kidding i caught him standing on our dishwasher door getting into the clean dishes this afternoon! yadda yadda yadda). which is why i haven't really updated. that and the fact i sold my lenses (!!!) so now i only own the 85mm and it's a bit long for indoors. gah. now i just need money to buy the zoom. i'm still a few hundred short. not sure what i will do but it will work out. :o/ i hope. and mandy, thank you thank you thank YOU for lending me your backdrop stand. i know i've said it a million times but tara wouldn't have these pictures had you not let me borrow your backdrop stand. love you!


  1. Your pictures are amazing. It made me secretly wish I had taken these type of photos when I was pregnant. Honestly, these are beautiful!

  2. these are beautiful Anne! thanks for the tips about 'flat light'.

    ps youre welcome! you can borrow it anytime!

  3. you did an absolutely fab job! start charging people, you're worth it ;)