bow down to the dandelion prince...

we spent almost the entire day outside. amazing. tomorrow it's supposed to rain. so i'm glad we took advantage of it.

the dandelion prince.

makes a pretty necklace too.

then something horrible happened. i was blowing bubbles for the cute little dandelion prince when i dropped my camera. it plummeted to the concrete and bounced around like a ball!! oh my heart aches as i type this. i'm pretty sure it landed lens first because my lens hood popped off my lens and now i have two beautiful dents on the lens rim. awesome. ugh. i guess it could be worse. the glass could have shattered. i'm pretty positive the lens hood saved it. my camera and lens hood also have scratches. i literally feel sick. i took a few test shots and realized after uploading them into the computer they were blurry. it looked like a back focus issue but i figured i should test later when i wasn't so shaken up! after a billion test shots, i'm happy to report my lens is in great working order. sharp as a tack. THANK GOODNESS! because i was about to lose it!

after ashton's nap i went back to taking pictures. the prince demanded i give him a banana by bringing me the entire bunch of bananas... how could this not brighten your day? i didn't even know ashton could lift a bunch of a bananas let alone carry them from the ktichen to the patio lol.

banana lover...

and in true toddler form...

and in true toddler form. he scarfed it and left the peel behind.

i feel like i could eat a bunch of bread after my day. i'm still on my diet so it was VERY hard for me to not give in to my temptation. you know the, "i've had a hard day so i deserve it" bit. although after what i went through it's the truth LOL.


  1. i am SOOO SOOO glad your lens is ok! and TOTAL cuteness on the pics!

  2. I love the pictures! I dropped my camera, lens first too and the lens shattered, I had the more expensive nikorr lens and had to replace it with the same exact but cheaper sigma lens, since then I've had speed issues catching my toddler in the act.

  3. ah how scary! I have dropped my 5D too, and once I dropped my 85 1.2. I almost had a heart attack! thankfully it was okay.

    also, Ashton is sooo cute with that flower chain!

  4. Such a cutie!

    Hope you don't mind, but I just listed your blog on my bloglist!