rainy saturday's are the best...

holga (fake) style. i wish i could get a real one. they are cheap ($30) but film and developing isn't. so, i made my own action to fake a holga until i am able to get a real one. i'm so bored with my daily snapshots looking the same. and trying new things is fun!

i caught david washing my car in the rain. i guess it saves water?!

we tried a new yogurt place and it's exactly the same as another place, but different name, different company. odd. anyway, it's so freaking delicious. we give ashton ice cream every once in awhile and he likes it okay. takes a few bites and doesn't care if you take it away. but frozen yogurt is a completely different meltdown. at least it's healthy.


ps. if you want to see the sooc image of the one above click here.

if anyone wants to know how i achieved my fake holga look this is what i did:

in lightroom2 i played around with the sliders until i achieved the color i wanted. then i set my vignette and cropped (since holga is a medium format camera all images are square). then i exported to CS3 where i added the fake border, blurred the image (holga is plastic so it's blurry on purpose), and added grain using RealGrain. voila. fake holga.


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