just another beautiful hot day...

i would have put some swim trunks on him but i was too lazy. i blame the heat. sue me. i shot all these images ,in jpeg (something i haven't done in years!) and edited them all with actions, (i hardly use them anymore but i got some new ones and i love them). I LOVE this lens!! david said it's a cool lens but gives him a headache. not me. i love love love love love love love love it! i love my heart bokeh in the sprinkler shots!

wonderful day may 24 2010

great news. momo, our cat that disappeared 3 weeks ago (!!!!!!!!!!!), finally found his way back home last saturday night. we are SO HAPPY he is back home. ashton won't leave him alone. the picture above momo is ashton laying down with momo. it's so weird. we have three other cats and ashton is so obsessed with this one cat.


  1. Aw, the heart bokeh is precious! Which of the lensbabies do you have?

  2. thehighernest- i have the composer but i also added the accessory kit.

    jennifer- thank you. we love it too. he looks like a boy!

  3. I am loving this new lens...so I decided to give you this:

  4. beautiful pictures! I am adding your blog to my reader list today!!

  5. Hi Anne!
    I LOVE your blog! Your photos are amazing. I would love to know what made you give up the 35mm L in favour of the 24-70?
    I only have a 50mm 1.4 and really want to add another lens and was leaning towards the 35mm L, would love to know what you would suggest....

  6. hi jennifer sorry for the delay. i LOVED the 35L and someday when i can afford it, i will get it again! i'm not even sure i'm still sold on the 24-70L at this point. :o/ i have a bit of regret getting rid of the 35L. i'm taking my time deciding. when truth is, i'm in europe so i can't do anything for the next two weeks anyway lol.