handmade cards...

it's been awhile since i posted some of my craft projects. i need to make three more, (out of idea's with the supplies i own, but i might just make three more like these in different colors or something). they will be thank you cards.


how to:
daisy - martha stewart layering daisy punch
paper - martha stewart collection and paper-source
envelopes/cards - paper-source
envelope liner template - paper-source
glitter/orange marble glass beads/yellow flocking powder - martha stewart
embossing tools - martha stewart
edge cut on embossed card - martha stewart

all martha stewart items can be found at michaels. i'm slowly adding to my growing collection. what i do is buy an item and michaels gives you a 40% off your next purchase (within a week). go back  and buy another item, you will get the same coupon and  continue until you have all that you want LOL. right now i am working on getting all the flower/leaf punches. only 5 more to go lol.


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