he gets sillier by the hour!

i should do a real a day in the life sometime soon. it's on my project bucket list.

just checking my mail mom.
"just checking my mail ma!"

peek a boo i see you
this was probably my favorite part of today. i was doing the dishes when i hear ashton yelling for me, "MA MA MA MA MA MAMAMAMAMA MA". when i get to him he is standing behind his bedroom door with a sly grin on his face. i give him a funny look (what the heck are you doing?). he giggles and SLAMS the door shut. i can hear him laughing hysterically behind the door. he does it two more times before i grab my camera. we ended up playing with the door for an hour!

the binky
david has been trying to teach ashton to not leave his binkies on the floor. believe it or not ashton is really good about it. thing is they are all over the place lol. even on the patio!

the bird!
BIRD!!! no seriously, that's how it happened lol

IMG_9273 blog
my mom's neighbors little boy,(not much older than ashton) loves collecting rocks. it must be a boy thing because ashton has just recently started an obsession with rocks. he will cautiously scout our backyard for them, (and dead bugs. but that's a different story for another day). he puts them in an empty plant container sitting on our patio. they range from large to super tiny pebbles, but his collection is growing. who knew we had so many in our backyard!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...the shots of him behind the door. did i say love?

  2. The photos with the door are so sweet. It makes me miss my little guy even more. Daycare gets all the fun with him. Ugh. Im counting down the hours until Im off work. 3pm. 3pm please come soon.

    Ashton is getting so big! He is so adorable.

  3. oh he is the cutest! i love the bird photos! and ive been reading this book about your childs self esteem and they say how important it is to let kids collect and keep things like rocks or whatever they find interesting. so good for you! i cant wait to see corbins collections!

  4. jill i had never heard that but it makes complete sense! ashton shows great pride in his collection. he is always bringing me rocks that he found. i always make a big deal about each rock and he ends up smiling from ear to ear then he takes it back and puts it in his container lol.