11,990 feet above sea level...

on the way back to denver we took the scenic route over loveland pass on the continental divide, and what a VIEW. it's my second time up there and each time it's just as breathtaking.


later that afternoon we went to the heritage square in golden. where i saw ashton times 3! lol


good times back home in denver.


i think my lens is going wonky. i've noticed most of my images the last few days are not coming out as sharp as they should be. a hit and miss situation. that or i am so hot it could be user error. ugh. and i hate HATE HATE HATE shooting in direct sunlight. why can't it be overcast everyday huh? WHY?! i'm ready for a new piece of GLASS!

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  1. I heart my 5D but sometimes it's aggravating b/c it focuses on a contrast point rather than what you want to focus on. so I'm going to guess it's your sensor (which is normal for the 5D) and not your lens. This actually happens to me quite frequently and is a huge complaint of other 5D users (even after the mark2 upgrade). it's just a big PITA. even so I still love my camera! I will never switch to nikon ;) LOL