ashton is finally here!

my c-section went wonderfully. i didn't feel ONE thing. not even pressure that everyone talks about. the birth was very fast. the recovery really hurts though.  it's still the first day so i hope it gets better each day.  i didn't feel the spinal at all!

ashton was born at 4:55pm on january 8th. he weighed 8lbs 3 ounces (which is what the sonogram said he would weigh), 21inches long! he's so beautiful. we love him! breastfeeding has been somewhat difficult. i was completely out of it last night after the surgery. it was tough. but i was able to get him to latch on a few times early this morning and now all he wants to do is sleep. he is a calm baby. david has changed his diaper several times and he just sits there staring at you. he hardly ever cries.  he is so perfect we are SO in love with him!!! we still can't believe he belongs to us. i refused to let him sleep in his bassinet last night. i held him the entire night. he didn't even wake up once! i have a feeling this calm baby won't last though lol. 

here are a few pictures i took today. 

ashton is here!

i want to eat him up

this is love


  1. He is absolutely beautiful. Congrats.

  2. anne he is beautiful! i got chills when i saw you posted today. i could not be more happy for you and david. congrats!

    p.s. what is Ashton's full name?

  3. Congrats! He is really cute ;-)

  4. Omg girl.... I can't believe how beautiful he is!!! He is adorable.... and I see he is wearing one of his new outfits!! Tooooo cute!! I am so glad you posted pictures of him. When I saw that you did I came to your blog as fast as I could!! He is soooo big! I can't believe how long he was... LOL your tummy must have been all him. :o) His hair is beautiful.... and his face.... awwwwww his sweet little face... beautiful!!

    After David called us last night... I swear after the phone call I had a good happy cry for you guys for five minutes! LOL I am such a sap when it come to you.

    My mom and dad said they are sooo happy for you and to tell you congrats! :o)

    I am so happy for you and David.... Congrats to the both of you. He is amazing... just amazing! I puffy heart him already! :o)

    I love you soooo soooo much!!

    Tanna :o)

  5. P.S.

    I hope that the pain gets better for you each and every day! I am soooo glad that the c-section went wonderful for you. That night I got hardly any sleep because I became sooo worried about you! I am so glad to hear that you didn't feel a thing! David said you did sooo goood!!

    I am sooooo proud of you and everything you had to overcome to bring this little guy into this world! You are amazing and such a strong person to be able to go through what you did.

    I love you sooo much!! Tanna

  6. hallo Schatz
    I must say he is a chub, and unbelieveable beautiful,I am so proud of my little grandson ( can still not believe I am a Oma, even after 9+ month ).I love the little outfit you got on him. You are so amazing, thinking of everything :), i was never that prepared. He is tooooooo cute, can't stop looking at his pictures.
    If I was there I would kiss him all up and you and david would not get much time with him. Just can not wait too meet him. Love all three of you so much

  7. hey girl,your mom gave us your blog your baby boy is so sweet don't get down about nursing you will both get it i will try to call you sat and talk to you about it your papa would love him try to get some rest love mindy