yesterday was a rough day

david is the most amazing husband/dad i could have ever asked/wished for. ashton woke up around 9am yesterday and started his first ever "cluster" feeding. it lasted until 11pm last night. i was so exhausted from him wanting to be at the breast all day. he refused to sleep. sleeping only at the end of feeding sessions. as soon as david got home i handed him over to david. i continued with my feedings but i was able to finally get some rest. david stayed up until 2am this morning rocking ashton so i could finally get some rest before starting the "night shift". he would have stayed up all night had i not heard ashton crying for food. i can't thank david enough for doing what he did (he did it without complaints and made sure i was okay before heading off for bed). my body needed the rest. i had no idea growth spurts would be as bad as they are. ashton slept well last night (!!) and i was able to get even more rest. he is still asleep as i type this, it's almost time for another feeding. i wonder if he will continue with another "cluster" feeding today. 

i ordered a moby wrap a few days ago and wish i had it yesterday. i could have used it big time since ashton refused to be put down. i also want to order a babyhawk carrier. i hope ashton adapts to being worn. it would make my life so much easier! i tried stuffing him into my hotsling yesterday. haha. poor little boy. it definitely does not fit! i need to do laundry. david usually helps me in the evenings to get it done.  but the apartment complex locks the laundry rooms at night due to the freezing temps. if i had the moby wrap or some type of carrier i could be doing laundry right now lol. i could be doing a lot if i could wear ashton. ::sigh:: i will just sit here impatiently waiting for my wrap to arrive. 

i am going to try really hard to take pictures (even if it's just a couple) of ashton everyday. i find myself so exhausted to pick up my camera but truth be told i am already regretting not taking pictures of him the last few days. i am wondering if i should jump on the bandwagon and do a project365 on him. here are some i took yesterday.

the mobile

he actually watched his mobile!

smart little boy

smart boy = knowing how to keep the paci in

5 minutes

looks are deceiving, he slept maybe 5 mins.

finally home!

david to the rescue! go figure ashton would sleep for him!


  1. i love how honest you are.
    i was the same way with the boys. they just go through a faze where they want to be ON you or 'Daddy'. i wore my babies too. it was great for both of us. they got heavy after awhile but it is totally worth it. youre doing a great job Anne and David!

  2. Aw, he is filling out really nice. LOL love those toes! He is very cute AM. And yes your husband like mine are wonderful recuers lol. I am glad you got some well needed rest for the night. I think it would be a great idea for the 365 day project. start when he is 4 weeks. and do until he is a year and 4 weeks old. lol just a thought GL.

  3. Oh yes, cluster feedings... just keep in mind baby is growing which is a great thing!

    Mobiles will be your best friend. J could stare at his for HOURS and was the only way I could get anything done from months 2.5 -4!