ashton is 3 weeks old!

we had to take ashton to the pediatric surgeon yesterday due to the fact his plastibell hadn't come off on its own (it had been 18days!). let's just say it was a very traumatic experience for all three of us! i was sitting down in a chair as far away as i could trying not to have a complete mental breakdown and david later admitted that he felt lightheaded and hot while watching them take it off. poor ashton was completely freaking out. it was an awful awful experience and i am glad it's over.

i ended up nursing him right there in the doctors office afterwards since it was clearly what he wanted (he was rooting as soon as i picked him up). i'm proud to have nursed him without my pillows or the comfort of my home. there are days where i feel like breastfeeding isn't easier than formula. with formula i could go anywhere and not worry that ashton will get too hungry because mommy is too shy to nurse in public. with formula, daddy could get up in the middle of the night for one feeding while i got more rest. a lot of people suggest pumping and feeding breast milk with a bottle. we have a manual pump but at the moment i only use it when i am engorged and ashton isn't hungry (keep my supply up, to avoid mastitis, and/or plugged ducts). right now i really want to establish breastfeeding exclusively from the breast (not bottle). someday my (currently very small) freezer stash will set me free to do something (like get a hair cut). everyone claims it will get easier but i don't believe them. :o). don't get me wrong, there are days where i think breastfeeding is easier. for one it's ready made and at the perfect temperature. i know he is getting what his little growing body needs and not worrying if i am using the wrong formula. ashton seems to be tolerating breast milk really well (no reflux. yet). something i am sure he would get if i was formula feeding. so it definitely has it's positive moments. it's just a lot of work. ashton in general is a lot of work. hahaha. 

ashton still hasn't had his first real bath yet. his umbilical cord is still attached. every diaper change i am secretly hoping it fell off. no luck yet. this boy needs a real bath asap. i suck at giving sponge baths. ashton HATES them. he probably will hate a real bath as well but at least i would feel like he is actually getting clean. ashton used to be called (lovingly) piglet. not because he is fat or knows how to eat but due to his sweet little snorts. in the last week we noticed the snorting has stopped. it was a sad moment but we have found a new name for him. little squirt. this boy has great aim and loves to pee on everyone during a diaper change. what amazes me is how much urine this boy can hold. he could have just wet his diaper and still have enough to pee on you during a change. david gets the most of it for some reason. i would say david gets peed on every single time he does a diaper change. with me it's a rare occurrence. last night he did a number. peed all over me and his clothes. which meant i had to change his clothes in the middle of the night which he did not appreciate.  

with all the things we bought for ashton you would be surprised that i don't have any good recommendations for products at this point. he doesn't like to be in his swing unless it isn't moving. he hates the bouncer. the miracle blanket is loathed because it requires his arms by his sides which he really hates. he sort of likes the amby baby bed. again he doesn't like the movement and wakes up immediately when it moves (which is something the website claims helps soothes baby back to sleep. not so with ashton). i have to have it up against the bed so it doesn't move as much. i can't use my hotsling since it doesn't fit. the boppy pillow is not good for breastfeeding, at least not for us. i can't do any tummy time with him on it since his cord hasn't come off yet. seriously the only thing i can recommend is pampers swaddlers, soothie pacifiers, medela harmony pump, and this book.  i ordered more things to try out. so i hope to have a better luck. perhaps ashton just needs time to like things. 

believe it or not i haven't taken any new pictures of ashton. i have been so tired and exhausted. so i give you this...

ashton's true feelings

ashton's true feelings to anything and everything. 


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