still alive.

haven't updated in awhile. a lot going on right now. ashton is doing great. he is a different baby every morning. he looooves to smile and goof off during his morning feeding. which i secretly love even though i am starving to eat my own breakfast. he is very strict with his own set routine. i am blessed to have a baby who knows the difference between night and day. however, i am not used to him wanting to be put to bed so early. if we are not home and rocking him to sleep by 7:30pm he will throw the biggest fit where ever we are (like this last saturday when we were at lowes trying to appliance shop. wooowee that was a rought night). we used to think it was his "fussy period", really it's the "PUT ME TO BED, YOU STUPID PEOPLE" period. which means grocery shopping is a pain in the butt since i haven't nerved up to go grocery shopping by myself during the day. perhaps when my babyhawk finally gets here. i was given the ok to start working out again last week. like i have time HA. 

today i played around with my 85mm lens during his bouncer time.

blue eyes are a bit exaggerated. the picture was overexposed, making his eyes lighter and appear more blue than they normally are. currently, his eyes are more of a light gray/deep blue combo.

yay for smiles

he laughs and smiles a lot now.

he's going to be an outdoorsy type


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