it's starting to feel normal around here...

how did that happen?! day two i have been able to take a shower (with no one here but me and ashton). day two of me getting PLENTY of sleep. day two of being able to eat. day two at getting things done. and i mean DONE. i made our bed for the first time in six weeks. SIX WEEKS people! today i decided to finally pick up my camera and take some pictures of baby ashton on my nice, clean, made bed. it was wonderful. not only that, but breastfeeding is officially EASY! i have been working really hard on new nursing positions, getting over my fear of breastfeeding in public, and breastfeeding in bed so i can get more sleep (and guess what. it works!).

people tell you the first six weeks are the hardest. now i haven't gone past six weeks but it's held true so far. everything has a normal feeling now. it's really strange. now if i could only get this baby wearing down, find a nursing top that is actually comfortable/covers my stomach, and my fear of driving alone with ashton and i will be set!  i have to go to my 6week post partum appointment tomorrow so that means i will face my fear of driving alone with ashton whether i like it or not (eek). i might as well test drive it today right? ha. ashton has also started smiling tons while making eye contact with me. it melts my heart every single time he does it.

now on to some super cute pictures of my super cute boy (biased of course). 

little boy white

little boy white.

oh yeah, he isn't happy about it either. poor kid. his mother is color phobic

sleep after a growth spurt is heavenly

baby acne :o(

baby acne :o(

such a chub

such a chub!



  1. omg schatz, can i just ea that little chub up? I can'tget over myself that i miss him so much.
    love all 3 of you . mom

  2. I miss you! Hope to see you guys soon.