when changing diapers at 4am ends up being exciting.

david installed a large mirror right next to ashton's changing area last night. i figured it would be a month or two before ashton would even notice it. imagine my shock at 4am this morning when he started laughing at himself in the mirror during a diaper change. he loves that mirror. i caught him this afternoon doing the same thing. happy one month birthday sweet ashton! i can't believe it's been a month!

loving the new mirror


he laughs.

he sure is a happy baby!


  1. LOL... Omg that is adorable! Maybe he saw his reflection in the glass patio door in your last post. That is amazing. He lurves himself. I love his baby legs and his sweet little smile.

    Hope you are getting enough rest.

    Love you guys, Tanna

  2. cuteness!

    keep everyone's yucky dirty germs away from him. it's triple sad when babies don't feel well. has anyone tried to touch him yet? that drives me crazy!

  3. ugh yes! i smile politely and keep walking in the other direction. it's gross, i see a lot of people go to the bathroom and they don't even wash their hands! strangers=gross lol