our little squirt[er]

little squirt
i am going to start taking "outfit" pictures of ashton in all of his cute little outfits. i invested enough in them might as well do something so i can always remember how handsome he looked in all of his cute little clothes.

david got this onesie for him after realizing ashton loves to pee on him. he is our little squirt.

by the way, just for the record. ashton had a major growth spurt on friday and it was by far the hardest day of my life! saturday happened to be the easiest day with him. we actually went places from 2pm till 9pm and survived (and i breast fed in public!). sunday was a bit more neutral. with some bad moments and good moments. we went house hunting. david is determined to get out of this tiny apartment in the next few months. we found a house we love but i have a feeling it's too good to be true. i'm not holding my breath. david plans on making an offer in the next few days. prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated as we really want this house. :o) ashton also has baby acne all over his cute face :o(. he has had baby acne from birth but it was over his body and limbs. not face. i hope it goes away soon. 


  1. aww i love squirty babies!

    where are you looking for a house?

  2. over by your old house. it's close to davids work

  3. Hi Anne Marie! I came across your blog and enjoy each of your posts! Ashton is such a cutie and I really like the way you photograph! Do you use any special lighting or do you process them differntly? I love how your colors show up!

  4. thank you tiffany. typically i like to shoot in natural light but my apartment doesn't really provide that so i use an external flash that i bounce off the ceiling or the wall behind me etc. instead of direct flash. it provides a soft light. i do process (edit) them using sesame ellis actions on photoshop and lightroom which you can get here if that didn't work here is a tiny URL