3/365 :: fighting sleep at 11:30pm

no, not at ashton. although he did put up a fight going down for bed tonight (no crying involved just a bunch of happy smiles and squeals lol). david always puts ashton to bed and because of our little happy guy i had to take over so david will be able to be fully rested for work tomorrow.

i am annoyed because we were "supposed" to close on our house last friday. they told us due to the title company not having their end finished (something about a survey) they wouldn't be able to. david set a date and time to close for today, wednesday at 9am (before he had to go to work. it was the easiest for him). but tuesday our realtor called and told us that the title company still hadn't gotten their act together and wondered if we could close on thursday. david politely told her that he had to get it done today since he asked off for work (which is true). she changed the 8am to 4pm. around 3pm this afternoon david receives a call from our mortgage loan officer. she tells us we are going to sign the closing papers and we need to hand over the cashier's check and the "seller" (which is a bank since it's a foreclosure) would sign their part tomorrow and we would then receive the keys to our new house. we were annoyed but figured at least we would finally be getting somewhere. then our realtor calls us minutes later (10 to be in fact) letting us know she just talked to our loan officers supervisor and we would not be closing today! wtheck!? the realtor NOW tells us we will be closing on THIS friday. but our loan officer is out of town on friday and she sort of has to be there for the closing. UGH. so the realtor tells us to call the "seller aka bank" to get them to come down tomorrow (thursday) for the closing. unfortunately, they are legally allowed to have 48hours to finish the closing and since our loan officer didn't send or get everything done until tuesday night that means they have until friday. so here we are.. sitting around.. wondering when we will finally become homeowners!

david has to ASK off again. i feel like this will never happen. i feel like everyone but us are dragging their damn feet. we are not happy with our realtor or the loan officer (who was recommended by our realtor). we also found out that our realtor has not been honest with us. for example. she told us she couldn't close this morning because the title company or whatever. but we found out from the loan officer it was because it was her kids birthday and she took them out to lunch. (PROFESSIONAL!). david is sick of all of it. he just wants them to close so we can put all this behind us! ON TOP of that our locked rate at 5.5% expired today. we are READY to close! we have done everything they have asked for us to do ON TIME and they are the ones screwing up and we are going to lose our locked rate of 5.5% (rates have gone up). thankfully they called back to let us know they extended it until friday. seriously. this is such a damn headache! LETS HOPE they pull their stuff together and we end up with a house BY FRIDAY! considering what has happened so far i bet it won't happen :o(


  1. I work for a title company in in TX and Realtors often put the blame on us for closeing delays. 99% of the time it is the Lender or Realtor. I hope it all works out for you. If you have any questions I would be happy to email you my email address.
    Also, REO's (forclosures) can be really difficult transactions.

  2. ugh Anne! i feel for you! when we were moving into our house the realtor of the sellers was SHADY! he had told us the asking price on the house was a misprint and raised it $9000, after we had already offered the original (lower) asking price. ugh i still hate him.

    i am thinking about you! keep us updated!

  3. mrs.beeper we had/have a feeling it was the realtor and lender holding us up since they can never keep their story straight. however, i think last friday was true since the next day we went out there and there were flags all over our land. but i bet the realtor didn't tell the title company we had planned on closing that day.

    mandy; that blows. ugh. that would have bothered us as well. i just hope it all works out. i actually want to start packing lol

  4. yeah we still don't let ourselves talk about it too much. we ended up offering the full asking price and the other realtor was still a prick about it. grrr.

    i would want to start packing too if i were you. but part of me would be like nooo i better wait until we have the KEY. that is just the way i am though. i can't wait to see everything you do to your house!

  5. ok sorry for posting this here. but this is the only way i know how to talk to you. so you can delete this. are you saying my pics aren't showing or just the captions? i JUST TODAY went through flickr and did my captions. i have been lazy. or wait, BUSY is the better word. i will find you on flickr and add you. i just checked and as far as i can tell you didn't add me, or whatever, yet. i hope my pics are still showing in my blog. i moved some around. oh no!

  6. delete this too.

    i fixed it. i deleted some pics on flickr today NOT MEANING TO. durr. i fixed it just now though. thanks for telling me! i wouldn't have known. they still showed for me, for some dumb reason. like you care! i added you on flickr so i can stalk you there too. lucky you.