we closed. finally.

we signed our closing papers yesterday and went straight over to the sears outlet to get our fridge and oven tonight. then we drove to our new house to find out the electricity was never turned on (or the water! grrr. making some phone calls tomorrow). we ended up walking around in the dark. we are so excited. david wants to wake up super early tomorrow to head over to lowes to get him his drill and a few other things we need (dishwasher. yip) and then we are headed back to the house to gut it. i am sort of sad to see the carpet go. i dislike carpet  since we have cats and it gets nasty real quick. but the softness, warmth, and squishyness of carpet will be missed. we plan on getting a REAL (4000gram) flokati rug for the living room... someday, when we can afford it :o/. 

we have a lot of work ahead of us. it's going to be a stressful month. i can tell. tons of our main furniture pieces have to be refinished. david's dad is coming up tuesday to help install our new floors and paint. i might start packing tonight and take stuff over tomorrow. not exactly sure what.  you have no idea how much junk we have. on top of it a 2month old who is still demanding to be held constantly. we can't take his swing back and forth as it's too big. his bouncer is portable but he doesn't sleep well in it. i need the swing for nap times. he doesn't like the amby during the day for some odd reason. if i am down at the house during the day anyway i guess it doesn't matter if it's at the house or apartment lol. 

when we walked in tonight it smelled like a house. i can't explain it. david said it smelled like someone elses' house. not ours. i liked the smell, it was fresh and clean. ::sigh:: anyway. david wants to start living in the house by the end of next weekend. doesn't mean we will have all our stuff moved over.

4/365 :: we closed.



  1. congratulations anne and david! i am so excited for you. we are painting our house this week, (spring break). i will be thinking of you while i am in the middle of my mess, knowing you are in the middle of one too. i can't wait to see pictures of everything! have you decided how you are going to do Ashton's room?

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhh, yipeeeeeeeeee!
    Hurrahhhhhhhhhh! Can you hear me screaming Schatz? Finally.... after all these years.

    I am so exicted for you guys.
    love you all

  3. What kind of camera do you have? This is my first time on your blog and I'm loving the pictures.

  4. hi berg. thanks for the compliment. i use a canon rebel xti.