ashton's first easter

was just as awesome i had hoped it would be. the easter bunny brought him two books (about easter of course), a toy, stuffed rabbit (pictured), and some chocolate for mommy to eat (what a sweet and thoughtful bunny) ;o). 

ashton's first easter.


  1. SUPER cute!! Grayson had the same outfit. Too bad he had a blow out about 25 minutes into the easter festivities. :)

  2. How adorable! Congrats!

  3. meg that is hilarious because ashton had a major blowout in it within 20mins. we were on our way to church and i had to keep him in the outfit until we got home.

  4. wow I can't believe how big he is getting! he looks like a little man already!

    must have been a day for blowouts because Jayden had a horrible one right before my family came over. went through his diaper and on his shorts. YUCK!