damn vista!

i am having major computer issues. i have windows vista and this morning i was unable to log into my account (profile). kept giving me a, "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." message. i am able to log into a guest account but it has parental controls and i am unable to log into any of my programs or files (the only thing it's good for is the internet). somehow my administrative profile has been deleted. the password isn't working. this is major since i have not burned any of ashton's pictures on cd's. thankfully i uploaded most of them onto my flickr acct. the main concern and reason i am SUPER upset right now is if i find out i have lost my files that means i lost the images that i took this week of my mother and ashton (zoo, first bath etc) very special and important photos to me. 

i googled this issue and it seems to be a common issue. there is no KNOWN cause as to what makes vista do this. anyway, i am posting this here to let you know if you have vista you need to create another administrator account that has full access to your files. i did not do this (we only had one administrator account) and now unable to access anything. there is a hidden main administrator account you can get into but i am having difficulty getting into it without an extra administrator account. 

the only thing i can do at this point is be thankful that i have full size images (of my favorites) on flickr and that i edited and uploaded three of ashton's first bath photos late last night. i was going to wait to post an entire set of his first bath pictures since i have some really cute ones with my mother but it appears those are long gone :o(. i am so upset right now. i am about to do several things to my computer to try to save my files. the last being a complete wipe out and new installation of vista (where i lose all my files). again i urge you to make another administrator account (even if you don't use it) so this will never happen to you! i am also kicking myself for not burning images sooner. 


  1. My laptop (windows Vista ) has done this 2 times to me now. But I was thankfull that I just restored it to an earlier date, like the day before. try that. then save everything to a CD and then start redoing everything.


  2. Can you call the Geek Squad or something before you actually reinstall?!? I'd hate to see you lose all those images if you don't have to!

    Good luck!


  3. Oh no!! There must be something you can do! I can't imagine how horrible you must feel. My computer does hourly backups of my image files with Apple's Time Machine god forbid something should happen to my computer. You may want to check into something like in the future. I wish you so much luck getting all your files back!!!

  4. i just got a new laptop with vista. (anniversary present, yay). i am freaked out now. how do i do what you are talking about? i haven't put any pictures on mine yet. i am still putting them on our external hard drive which is plugged into our PC at the moment. i am in the process of putting all of our pics on cds. it is going to take about 4 years to get it all done.

    i hope you can get everything back somehow. i feel bad for you! write soon!