best purchase yet: the exersaucer

the new toy

we took ashton into babies'r'us and had him look at all the exersaucers. we bought the one he showed most interest in. which happened to be the Graco Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center. ashton never loves something from the start. it always takes a few times before he starts to enjoy whatever it is. well, he loved this from the very beginning. he only sits in it for 10mins at a time (30mins total throughout the day). it's enough time for me to take a shower, vacuum, and or make something to eat. i love this thing and so does ashton! (you can never have enough safe places to put your baby, that's for sure!)

apparently the sun is evil

apparently, we shouldn't trust the sun.

i also found out ashton likes things that light up (one of the toys lights up on the exersaucer) and he loves toys that make noise. good to know. now if only i could get him to like tummy time as much as he loves being in his exersaucer we would be good to go! (with the exception of his horrible napping routine!). he's still iffy with his swing but i can tell he is trying to like it. lol.

and just because i am on a SOOC (straight out of camera)before & after kick.

MCP - before & after

all i did was use mcp's color explosion action. i did nothing else to this picture.

ashton's mood today has been perfect. i am starting to think the lactation cookies i baked the other day are the culprit to his (extreme) fussiness yesterday. typically, ashton will produce 3 dirty diapers before noon. he's pretty regular. yesterday before noon he had: zero! in fact he didn't produce a dirty diaper until an hour before bedtime (!!!!). it was green with mucous (breastfed poop is mustard yellow). which usually indicates it was something in my diet.

"hey mom, there's something on your face"

"hey mom, you have something on your face."

cutest spit bubble ever

cutest spit bubble ever


*pinch* *pinch* **kiss** *pinch* *pinch*

arrgh those cheeks get me everytime!

still working on the nap issue. i placed ashton in his swing so i could vacuum. he started fussing/whining the instant i put him in there. however, as soon as the vacuum cleaner came on he was out like a light bulb. we tried white noise with ashton when he was a newborn but he had no effect towards it. we (david and i) sleep with an ocean CD running all night. it helps US sleep. it never occurred to me that ashton probably enjoys it too or to give my white noise cds a go again. sure enough, he slept well over an hour in his SWING with the vacuum white noise cd on! i stopped it to see how long he would last without it playing (to be honest i was going crazy listening to it). within 20mins he started fussing again. so i turned the CD back on and went RIGHT back to sleep! looks like white noise does work. the cd has a few 10min samples (dryer, dishwasher, purewhitenoise, etc) on it. i think i am going to order the full length CD (74mins) haha. does anyone use white noise for nap times? is that considered cheating?! lol should i be figuring out a way for him to sleep without being rocked/white noise? help.


  1. LOL I love the new pictures. That's funny about the sun. And as I told you before it is the cutest little spit bubble ever. So stinkin cute!! Luv yah!


  2. Not cheating in my book! :) We have a sound machine (lovingly nicknamed the 'baby crack machine' on the Bump) that we use for bedtime and naptime... we even brought it on vacation! I know she naps at my mom's and MIL's everyday without it so I'm not too worried... but it gives me peace of mind.

    Love your blog - it's linked on my blog!