playing catch up.

i am so behind in my life. i'm behind on my blog, photography, cleaning (although all caught up with laundry), myself, you name it. i don't know why i am having such a hard time getting things together lately....

maybe i am just being too hard on myself. anyhoo.

how many of you have given your little one a toy that was not in their age group? i wasn't expecting ashton to really notice a toy meant for 6months and up but sure enough, it's his favorite toy by far.

his favorite toy

for valentines i had this great idea i was going to do with ashton. the problem was on valentines day ashton still had his umbilical cord and my diaper covers hadn't come in yet. by the time the cord fell off and i received my covers we were moving into a new house. lol. i finally had time to do our official valentine pictures during my mothers visit last week.

i also attempted to take some naked chunky monkey pictures. unfortunately ashton was not having any of it. my mom and i had a great laugh though.


this was the best out of about 100 pictures. i should have done this when he was a newborn.

i just can't get enough of him!

sweet boy

more pictures to come. we had quite the eventful weekend.


  1. might i ask you what kind of flash and lenses you use. i am a new slr owner and all i have is my kit lense. (i own a canon rebel xs) your photos are stunning. i have yet to look into lightroom like you had suggested in a past blog entry. congrats on your little ashton...he really is the cutest little boy!

  2. i didn't use a flash for the above pictures. that was all natural lighting. but when i do use a flash it's a canon speedlite (580ex II). i suggest you ditching the kit lens and buying a new lens before getting a speedlite. the 50mm 1.8 or 1.4 (the one i own) is way better than the kit lens and allows more light in so you wouldn't need the flash (compared to your kit lens) not only that but it's super sharp compared to the kit lens.

  3. i think we have the same life now. will we ever catch up on everything there is to do? i just blogged about the same thing! anyway love you anne, love your baby, and of course your pics!

  4. OK, I have to know! How many M&Ms did that take??

    Super cute, as always.

  5. "Go away cobwebs, dust go to sleep.
    I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep."

  6. Adorable photos -- maybe my favorite of yours to date. I've got to get some naked chunky monkey photos of my guy soon, too!