my first mother's day...

what a wonderful day. i couldn't have asked for more. i am so thankful to be the mother to one of the sweetest most adorable little boys ever!

for mother's day...


for mother's day ashton gave me some clovers, then he ate them.

you can see me...

you can see me in his eyes!

little helper

germs = yummy

germ covered fingers = yummmmy!

future thumbsucker perhaps?

texas tech baby

our lil' red raider (or daddy hopes)

they grow too fast.


  1. Beautiful photos, as usual.

    I think I need to figure out a good way to have a nice solid white background for my shots....

  2. i just use blankets and fabric. use white fleece it doesn't wrinkle.

  3. I have some GREAT white fabric. I got about 100ft. of some soft, vinyl/cotton blend suitable for window shades, table cloths, etc. When finished with it, you just wipe it with a damp cloth, let dry and roll up. I am putting some on dowel rods to block summer heat and early morning light. I will bring some when we come in July, or....YOU GUYS COULD COME TO VISIT!

  4. OOPS! I thought the question was from Anne. But, if whoever asks wants to know, I got my fabric at JoAnn's. It is on large bolts with upholstery. Watch for sales and 50%off coupons.

  5. Hi! Is it necessary to have both Lightroom and Photoshop to use actions/presets and do what you do with your pictures?! Thanks!