his laughs melt my heart!

our stupid window unit died today (it was hardly a week old!). hopefully sometime in the next week we will be able to fix our real air conditioner! david had ashton close to him while he installed our new unit. i could hear ashton laughing from across the house so i set up our webcam, (sorry for the poor quality, hopefully we will be able to get a camcorder before ashton turns 18years old).


  1. So cute! Jasper does/did that same inhale laugh. I love it.

    PS, get a flip! They are so reasonable and so easy to use.

  2. I CANNOT wait for laughs! Too cute.

    Ditto on the Flip btw -- we love ours. Not going to say quality is the very very best, but good enough. Audio is actually pretty solid, too.

  3. Happy first fathersday David.
    love you

  4. We have been trying to reach you. Your red headed cousin and her son and new baby are in town with me for a wedding near six flags and would love to see you, but have not had reply from you. Please email us at or if you are interested in meeting up before we head west on Sunday. If not, we won't bother you again.
    Love, Big Momma's girl