ashton's first trip to the beach

we're in florida for the next 11 days. ashton went to the beach for the first time and loved it.

ashton's first trip to the beach.
i love this picture so much!

david, ashton, and zachary

i love that ashton loves water so much...

in between waves he would watch the birds or people walk by...

so sweet.

finally using my off camera flash
i actually used my off camera flash for these. i love the look much better than direct flash from oncamera.

i just need to learn how to make it look more natural i suppose.

either way, i am still very please with it. i even used flash on this one.

and this one.

he loved it when his feet got wet.
i wish i could have recorded how excited he became every single time water touched him.

some days i can't believe this is my family. i love them so much!

he ran his fingers through the sand several times, before he...

sand = interesting
grabbed a handful of it (uh-oh)... annnnnd

that's right.. ate it..

but that's not all..

you know he did.
he did it again!

apparently sand tastes delish. who knew.

(lighting was all wrong with this picture, but ashton had sand all over his face and mouth.

sleepy. we had a long day. (almost missed our flight too).

they look like sugar coated feet. yummm!

my chubster! full of sand no doubt.

david said he was too heavy
up and away.

ending our day by sharing giggles with daddy...

sharing giggles.
::sigh:: i love these two soooo much!


  1. i love these pics! i have chills on my legs because you love your men so much! i am so glad youre having a good time already!

    i want to eat those tiny sugar toes!

  2. Wow what great pictures. Suzanne

  3. Beautiful pictures! Ashton is sooo adorable and I love his name!

  4. Love these! Your baby boy is so cute in the sand. I still have yet to take Zachary to the beach and he is already nearly 8 months old! What part of FL are you staying in? I live in Fort Lauderdale.. don't know if you're anywhere close by. If you are, and you want to get together with a fellow photographer & mommy, just let me know! My email is :)