a little more about the swing..

NOTE: this blog entry was written two days ago. typically, i update my blog during ashton's first nap and then process any images when ashton has gone to bed, (then post the blog right before i go to bed). lately, that has been impossible, (i'll blog about my issue(s) some other time. right now i don't have the energy). now back to your regularly scheduled program.

it happened again. yesterday when i put ashton in the swing for playtime.

i guess ashton missed the memo that swing = play, not sleep.

anyhoo. this time i added the lap bar as an extra precaution, (the swing also has a 3point harness that goes around their bottom half). the manual states the lap bar is not intended to hold the baby in and they are restrained by the 3point harness. i'm laughing, if you could have seen ashton yesterday in person, you would have seriously thought he would fall out at any given moment. it's harder to see in pictures, but trust me, it was enough to still make me uncomfortable.

woop.. my darn camera (shutter noise) wakes him up every single time.

doesn't look too pleased does he?

whew, i miraculously avoided a complete meltdown. he was out within 2.5seconds.

it doesn't look so scary in this picture. he looks safe and normal

cute right?!

nap time over! i think the swing needs new batteries. it's having difficulty swinging after about 30mins. actually, it was more than difficulty swinging. i could have sworn i heard the swing say, "kill----me----nowww".

ashton: "hey look! a TOY!!"

i asked him to show me the (imo),"not so safe" 3point harness strap.

ashton: "ohhh, a toy!".
gotta love baby's short attention span.

me: "hey ashton, how old were you yesterday?"
ashton holds up four fingers
me: "that's right! FOUR months!!!!"
don't hate that my baby is smarter than your baby ;o)

hmmm either that look is for "i'm done" or "i'm going to smash that camera in". me thinks the latter.

i'm not sure what i'll do. ashton is officially 5months now and even though he can sit in our laps without much help, sitting by himself on the floor is another thing. as soon as he sees something he wants he topples over. i'm pretty sure he is on track regarding the issue, (so i'm not trying to be super pushy about it), but i noticed that he was doing the same thing in his swing yesterday. i'm now rethinking maybe if i leave it alone and just keep a watchful eye on him maybe he will learn to center himself. it could be a learning tool.. what do you guys think?

overall i am still pretty pleased with the swing. i'm just not sure if ashton is ready for the "big boy" position. omgosh that was painful to say. "big boy?" ::sniffles::

story bonus:
shortly upon moving in we noticed our air conditioner wasn't blowing out cold air (yes, we had an inspection done. however, it was too cold for the inspector to properly test our A/C). after the quickest $60 we have ever spent, we were told that our coils were leaking pureon, (eco friendly version of freon), and that it would cost around $3-4k to fix. we filed a claim with our home warranty people who said they would pay all but $1k. better than $3-4k but still pretty pricey. david said we would get it fixed as soon as our tax stimulus package would come in (the $8k you get for buying a new home). well, it's been over two months and no money to be seen. we are getting pretty close to having 100degree days and our house is getting HOT! typically, it's very manageable. i don't ever feel toooo hot until about 2pm till 7pm. which happens to coincide with ashton's longest (and important) nap of the day (between 3pm-5pm). it makes for one hot uncomfortable nap.

david told me it was cooler in the guest room than our bedroom. so, yesterday we took a nap in there. it must have been the hottest day yet this summer because...


i demanded (if you haven't noticed, i'm bossy) david do something about it. i hate going to the mailbox everyday to find nothing but junk.

air conditioner unit
finally, david relented and bought a window unit.

air conditioner unit
they do nothing for the decor! i love how david used bricks to hold the unit up (because we're classy like that). i have yet to see how it holds up during the 2pm-7pm stretch. (update: it went beautifully!) we bought a cheap single room unit since we only plan on using it for a short period of time (hopefully not all summer!). however, i can feel it throughout the house. it isn't super strong but strong enough for the house to be very comfortable! which is good enough for me!

yesterday's heat didn't stop me from taking some cute snapshots of post-nap half naked ashton!

waking up (thanks camera!)

"good afternoon sweetheart, did you have a good nap?"

"no, why is it so freaking hot in here?!" *throws paci to the floor!*

me: "don't worry, im forcing daddy to do something about it". *plugs paci back in*
ashton: *smile*

awwww, ashton loves his feet as much as i do.

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  1. schatz, you are too funny.
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