a long update

we have been busy around here lately. david and i tackled our garage on memorial weekend and divided up piles of ebay, trash, goodwill, and storage. i'm hoping it will bring in some money to buy myself a new lens. a few weeks ago we had some summer storms come through and gave us the most beautiful rainbow we had ever seen. david insisted i go get the camera and take a picture of ashton with it. by the time we got set up at the park, the rainbow was half gone and half as vibrant. it wasn't until later that evening did i really understand how much my kit lens really suck. i always knew it did. but my gosh it's just outright horrible.

8/365 ::: this evening..

this last weekend ashton was invited to his first birthday party.

party time.

it's party time!
he had such a good time (so much so he pooped out after three hours).

12/365 ::: first birthday party

we went to the zoo the next day and some german festival a german deli was hosting. it seems ashton is starting to become like us. he really enjoys being active. looking at this picture makes me realize i need to start working out. stat.

13/365 ::: the zoo

he has found his cute little feet and absolutely loves his daddy. every evening when david comes home (from work), ashton's little face lights up with excitement.

11/365 ::: night owl

9/365 ::: daddy time = watching wipeout

what is it with babies and T.V.'s?

(typical. he is his dad's son. the tv is almost never on when i am home with ashton, but as soon as david comes home it's the first thing that gets turned on.)

that can not be said about tummy time. ashton has learned how to roll from back to front, but it proves to be a dilema since ashton still hasn't learned to accept being on his tummy. if only he could figure out how to roll tummy to back he would be good to go.

10/365 ::: it's an illusion...

told ya

my love

he must think he is a big boy. anytime he isn't sitting up (carseat, bouncer, swing etc) he tries with all his might to sit up on his own ha.

7/365 ::: sitting up.

and big kudos to david. he's been practicing manual mode on the camera and is learning quickly. a picture he took of ashton yesterday at the zoo. ashton makes the cutest goofy faces.

daddy snap shot

i have also tried to get ashton to accept a "lovey". something i can use to let him know when it's close to nap/bedtime. when i was digging through one of my junk boxes (we had in storage), i came across this really sweet bear that david gave me for valentines a few years back. i washed it and gave it to ashton.

14/365 ::: lovey

lovey outtake


  1. Schatz...thank goodness finally some more pictures, i have been going through Ashton withdrawl, i love the picture with you.
    David is doing such a great job.

    love all of you

  2. i love the pic of you with Ashton as well!

    he's getting so big! is his hair turning red? TOTAL CUTENESS!

  3. as much as you hate your kit lens....the one of david and ashton with the rainbow is very cute! and as always...the rest of ashton are just beautiful!

  4. Well as usual of course the photos are phenomenal. It doesn't hurt that Ashton is a gorgeous child! I love all your gear, too. I really wanted that Bjorn bouncer...and I love the paci chain!