it holds true...

quiet awake baby = up to no good. i say that a lot these days. anytime ashton is super quiet i look over at him and he is always up to something. when he notices i see him all you see is pride in his face. sometimes you have to intervene. i'll let him play with the tv remote. i seriously had this "final destination" image run through my head of him choking on it and me having to pull it out by the cord and it causing severe damage to my babykins.

huh.. looks like a choking hazard to me.
(look how proud he is!) he does this to his paci clips too! as i was taking it away, you can see him use his death grip on it. ha. let's just say it was 30mins of pure torture for my bleeding ears. but having a happy (alive) baby is well worth the cries and protest.

and to whoever it was to suggest i keep my 85mm prime lens. THANK YOU! i am sooo happy i did. however, my husband would like to tell you to quit putting ideas in my head because now my next want item is the 35mm f/1.4L lens. i thought david would tip over in his chair when i told him what i wanted this christmas (that and a 50D) lol. i plan on renting it (lens not camera) when i go up to colorado in a week. i can't tell you how much fun primes are. i love PRIMES! zooms = for losers ;oP


does he look a little blue to you? i have been doing all my processing in lightroom lately (no photoshop). i upgraded to lightroom 2 (whoot). it's so much easier to process images. i need to calibrate my computer screen.

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  1. it was me! I'm so glad you kept the lens! Ashton is super cute. :)