he thinks he can...

he thinks he can
and he did.

i love watching him figuring out a way not to tip over for something he wants. it's the cutest. every day he is stronger the the day before. amazing.

here is a picture of ashton and his great grandmom at the family reunion, taken by david's uncle matt. such a sweet picture!!he really looks older here.. ::sniffles:: my baby is growing up. so sad.
ashton and his greatgrandmom


  1. hi schatz, what's with that distrustfull look in great grandma's arms..lol.
    I love the colorful pillows you made for his room. I just can't wait to have my little chubster with me.
    love you all

  2. lol he was STARVING (and a tiny bit tired) when we were eating (of course! i never get a hot meal). so he was not really the happiest of happy babies. but i still think it's a cute picture of him. he looks so big!

    the pillows really turned out nice. we use them all the time so i am glad we have them. im excited for ashton to see colorado. he's going to have so much fun getting out everyday!