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child labor :o) child labor

today i was standing in the cleaning section at wal-mart, looking up at the swiffer jets. when a lady walked by and said, "get it. you'll love it". i've previously owned one of these throw away mopping things a few years ago (the clorox ready mop). it was horrible! talk about throwing your money away! i side eyed the lady and said, "are you sure? i had the clorox one a few years back and it was bad"..

lady: in complete disgust; "oh i don't use clorox on my floors."
me: " i'm not talking about bleach, i'm talking about the clorox brand ready mops"
lady: "oh.. well, i don't know. i love mine.. of course i have a maid who comes in twice a week and uses the real mop. so my floors are never dirty."
me: blank stare "must be nice".

is she saying i have dirty floors? and that's why the clorox stunk big monkey butts?! how rude! lol.

ohhhh alright, our floors are dirty. i hate mopping. mopping the apartment was easy. our kitchen was the size of a kitchen in a camper! now our kitchen is the size of our apartment. not to mention the tiled hall, entry hall, and bathrooms. PLUS the wood throughout the house. I HATE mopping our house. it's back breaking work! reluctantly i grabbed the swiffer jet wet and walked up to our cart. david was giving me the "ugh" look, "what is this..didn't you buy one before and hated it?" "yes, but the lady ::points:: told me i would love it.. she has a maid"

david: blank stare "umm okay".


i couldn't wait to get home and test it. suprisingly i realllllly love the swiffer jet wet. it works well. i wonder if it will be easier now.


  1. I've always found the Swiffers to be so much easier than a "real mop." Plus, to be honest, I think "real mops," lol, are dirty in and of themselves. I don't know how anyone ever keeps them clean for real.

  2. haha. i always assumed since you use cleaning agents to mop that the mop itself would be clean. but you have a point. looking now i see our mop head is pretty nasty and it was replaced a few months ago. the clorox one sucked so bad that i think mopping still did a better job. however, i am loving the swiffer. much much better.

  3. We're lucky in that we have someone who comes once every two weeks, which definitely helps, especially with the kitchen and bathrooms, I won't lie.

    But she too prefers a "real mop," so that's what we have for her, but honestly, it seems no matter how often we replace the head, it always looks a hot dirty mess to me, lol.

  4. Just be careful with the solution - it is supposively not good for animals and children. Google for more information - but I hear it can cause tumors and cancer.