video: ashton passes out during playtime.

still working on his room. i stayed up super late last night cutting out all the fabric. hopefully, i will have time to sew them all together when david gets home from work. his room is a bit disorganized as i am trying to find an arrangement that works (plus i'm working out a way to get him more toys to fill all this space lol). but i included a short clip of his room.

anyway. ashton was sitting upright next to me playing with his cloth book when i realized he was quiet, (as i have learned recently. quiet baby = a baby up to no good). i look over and he just relaxing on his pillows with this glazed over look. a few mins later i look again and he was out like a light bulb. i wish i had my camera handy to take some pictures, but ashton has begun the separation anxiety phase and i knew he would wake up freaking if i got up. thank goodness the webcam!


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