"omg mom. look!"
"hey mom, LOOK!"

david and anne plus one blog
"HAHA psych!"

david's family had a family reunion. we had a wonderful time and ashton loved seeing his grandparents. it's amazing how fast life passes you by when you are busy. it's also amazing to see yourself in pictures and realize you still look 9months pregnant. in fact it's pretty disturbing. ha. david and i also worked on our front yard. we have been pulling weeds for a few weeks now and we *thought* we were almost done until our neighbor mentioned how beautiful our yard was becoming, (their yard is perfect). she mentioned how green it was yadda yadda yadda. then she pointed out to her issue and showed us some johnson grass. that was when we realized 50% of our yard is johnson grass (we want bermuda). so our yard is back to looking cruddy but for a good reason. at least we have a small section of perfect thick luscious bermuda grass. it reminds us what our yard will look like someday. :o) however my fingers hate me right now. ashton news. he has started to crawl backwards (i will need to try to record that somehow) and wave byebye, thought i don't think he knows what it means. he just likes to copy us.

david and anne plus one blog
that's one way to do it.
david and anne plus one blog
amazing he can sleep like this but has trouble in his own crib. LOL!


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