carrots... a no go.

carrots = two thumbs down

he has no interest in solid foods. he'll take a few bites. look at me in disgust/confusion. sometimes swallows and other times spits it back out. he does, however, enjoy playing with it and smearing it everywhere!


by the way, carrots stain. i had to heavy duty bleach his highchair. i wonder which food will be the IT food.



  1. Ha! We have the same bib: but it's a bit too big with Wes with the way he fits in his high chair now, so I've had to go back to the smaller ones :(

    I'm sure Ashton will find something he likes and just be all yum about it!

  2. yeah probably fruit lol

    i don't like the bib. he has a habit to grab it and pull at it. getting food everywhere. i am going to make some bibs that tie under his arms. lol.