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i hate it when i worry about something and can't stop thinking about it. for example. i leave for colorado in less than 12hours and all ic an think about is that our plane is going to crash. my fear of flying got a whole lot worse hearing about the devastating air france crash this summer. to make matters worse david was watching some stupid survial show about plane crashes or hijacking while i was folding laundry tonight, and i couldn't help but overhear how people explained what crashing feels like. UGH. then he made sure i knew what the emergency frequency was and that i might have to land a plane. WHAT?! ugh. shut it david. i sign on to yahoo and the first thing i see is two adults and two teenagers die in plane crash. o___0

so, here i am, sitting in ashton's room listening to classical music and all i can think about is how i don't want to die. i want to see ashton grow up. i want ashton to grow up. i think about those children who died on the air france crash and i look at ashton and feel sad for those kids. i love my mom to death and i love visiting her but I HATE FLYING. HATE IT! i would have driven if ashton was old enough to entertain himself. and that 3 day train trip to denver sure does sound nice right about now.

on top of that. i am flying alone...with ashton! oh boy. i think i am getting an ulcer... i pray that he doesn't throw a fit like he did on the way to orlando. and i have to nurse right next to a complete stranger! i hope i don't end up on the news as the woman who gets kicked off for nursing her baby. i hope the person i sit next to is a female. preferably a mother who has been in my position before. i will probably get stuck next to the guy who slapped a strangers 2 year old daughter for crying (did you hear about that?!). I PRAY ASHTON DOESN'T poop! OMGOSH PLEASE DON'T POOP ASHTON! i would rather deal with him not sleeping for a month. please don't poooop! i know he will.. he always saves it for the worst possible times. like when i was forced to use the nasty baby changing table at the ballpark this week. i figured at least he won't poop for awhile.. hahahahaha. yeah ashton has a sense of humor. he pooped the next morning.....alll over our bed! it was the biggest poopy diaper i had ever had the pleasure to deal with (NOT).

i am stressssed out. i pray for a safe journey. i pray ashton will be the good little boy he is. i pray that david doesn't get too lonely without us. i pray i don't lose my mind.

now i must go back to sewing more bibs. i have been working on a design (a baby pull proof bib) i want to sell. i almost have it down.


seriously, no one has a quarter?!

our lil (future) cowboy

our future lil' cowboy. taken at the fort worth zoo.


  1. i wish you the best of luck. try not to don't want ashton to feel your tension...if you relax thing will go well.
    i would SOOO be interested in a pull proof bib!!!
    good luck!!!!

  2. lovely photos usual!!!!