**finally** he likes something


thankgoodness for the german deli in colleyville or he would have totally starved! lol.

lovin' the zweiback

carbs to the rescue!



i thinky he likes it. a lot.


finally! he has been showing a big interest in solids. reaching for our food with mouth wide open. we haven't tried fruits yet. that will come sometime in the next few months. i want to establish him on veggies first ha. i'm hoping he will prefer the "yucky" veggies when given a choice HAHAHA.

we had a nice flight back from colorado. ashton loved colorado. i am way behind in image processing. slowly trying to get back on track around the house leaves me with hardly any time to catch up. but i will share some images in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. omg, i miss him so much, he is looking so grown up in the pic's.
    love you guys,