he tries so hard...

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he's trying to pull himself into a standing position now. a few days ago i was several feet away when i noticed something out of the corner of my eye. as i turned my head in his direction i could see a tiny silhouette standing.. on his own! he was holding on to the table. didn't last for more than a few seconds before he tumbled down to the floor. i didn't make it to him in time to catch his fall. though, i was no more than four or five feet away from him, it felt like i was a mile away. he landed flat on his butt then whacked his head on the floor. i was so shocked that he was standing on his own and worried sick that he for sure busted his head open, that i had a look of horror all over my face. ashton looked up at me not sure whether to cry or not. when i realized he was fine i started praising him for his efforts.. he gave me the sweetest smile and wanted back up to try all over again. ever since then he finds something to pull himself up on.

like when i went to barnes and nobles.(where we got the cutest book ever!) i sat him on the floor so i could look at some books without him "ehhing and ahhing" every second. next thing i know the stroller is his walker. i was just telling my mom how i needed to get ashton a walker.

the perfect walker. wood. made in germany and nice sticky rubber wheels for wooden/tiled floors! by haba

i honestly didn't think i would need it for another month or so (since he isn't even crawling yet) but it seems i need it earlier than later. it was enough motivation to get me up off my butt and start ebay that's for sure. i have also started making bugaboo stroller covers again, along with pull proof bibs. i guess you could say i have been kind of busy! lol.


  1. Be sure to share all the details on those bibs -- will you be selling them on a site like Etsy?

    By the way, I have my eye on that walker, too (amongst a couple others). I'm thinking it might make for a nice holiday gift for Wes...

  2. yeah i plan on selling them on etsy. i have only perfected the vinyl bibs for now. who knew making bib patterns would be complicated lol.

    i love that walker. it received the best reviews